The SSG-LG preview is full of KS, starting variables…so it’s more interesting

There are a lot of starting variables. A real power struggle is likely to unfold.

The SSG Landers and the LG Twins will play a “preview” of the Korean Series.

The two teams will play a three-game midweek series in Incheon starting on the 23rd. Based on power alone, both teams were strong favorites before the season started. As expected, they are cruising. SSG is missing a spot for a foreigner, and LG had some bad luck in April with the “running baseball” controversy (?) and the departure of closer Ko Woo-seok, but both teams are dominating the other teams in terms of two-hit balance.

That’s why baseball fans are focusing their attention on this three-game series. Coincidentally, both teams have 26 wins, 1 draw, and 14 losses before the three-game series. Tied for first place. The team that wins the first game of the three-game series will take sole possession of first place. A 2-1 win-loss result would only separate the teams by one game, but if one team can take all three games, they’ll be in the driver’s seat.

However, I don’t think it’s likely that we’ll see a three-way tie. Not only because the teams are so evenly matched, but also because it’s so hard to predict the starting battles.

Normally, in the postseason, a team from the bottom of the standings will face their strongest starter first, unless they play a tough schedule and climb up. But in the regular season, there are a lot of variables, including injuries and underperformance. Not every team can stick with their opening rotation, but this three-game series between the two teams will be a battle of four or five starters. There are also pitchers making their KBO debut.

SSG will be pitching Oh Won-seok, Elias, and Park Jong-hoon. LG will go with Im Chan-gyu, Lee Ji-gang, and Kelida. Oh Won-seok, Park Jong-hoon, Im Chan-gyu, and Lee Ji-gang are the 4-5 starters for both teams. Elias will make his KBO debut as a replacement for Romero, who was ejected without pitching a single game. Kelly is LG’s ace.

Coincidentally, Kelly is the only pitcher who pitched in the first three-game series between the two teams on May 25. At the time, SSG had Moon Seung-won, Song Young-jin, and Kim Kwang-hyun, while LG had Kelly, Kim Yun-sik, and Plutko. In other words, both teams will have to hit pitchers they haven’t seen before this season.

The matchup between Oh Won-seok and Lim Chan-gyu is surprisingly as interesting as the ace matchup. Both pitchers have been on a roll lately. Oh is 4-1 with a 2.96 ERA and has recently won three straight games. Chan-kyu Lim is also on a three-game winning streak. He hasn’t lost a game this season. He also has a 2.48 ERA.

Elias can’t be counted out. He pitched well in his second game, but there’s no telling what he’ll do in the first. However, there’s plenty of room for his unfamiliarity to cause problems for LG’s hitters. Luckily for Elias, LG’s fifth starter, Lee Ji-gang, has yet to show much form this season with no wins, but he has good stuff and could turn the game around on a “scratch day”.먹튀검증

On the final day, LG will have the upper hand. Their starting pitchers are in stark contrast. Park Jong-hoon is struggling with a 1-4 record and a 4.86 ERA. He has been struggling with his pitches this season. His last two starts have not been good either. However, due to the aftermath of his elbow surgery, LG hitters didn’t get to experience his pitches last season. There are no submarines like Jong-hoon in the KBO these days. It’s possible that he’ll struggle with an authentic underhand ball that he hasn’t seen in a long time.

Conversely, after an unbelievable start to the season, Kelly has gotten back on track with a three-game winning streak. All three games went seven innings. From SSG’s perspective, if you’re going to give Kelly the nod, you’re going to have to go all in for the first two games.

When starting battles like this have so many variables, it’s when the true quality of each team is revealed. It will likely come down to hitting, teamwork, and bullpen play. The styles of SSG’s Kim Won-hyung, who usually trusts his players to manage the game, and LG’s Yeom Kyung-yup, who actively intervenes in the game, are also very different. It will be interesting to see which managerial style will help the game.

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