‘The tallest center in the high school’ Hongik Univ. High School Ryu Jeong-yeol “I want to become a player who is good at rebounding and defending”

This article was published in the January 2023 issue of the Basket Korea webzine, and the interview for this article was held on December 10, 2022 at 4:00 pm ( Link to purchase the Basket Korea webzine ).

Ryu Jeong-yeol grew up as soon as he entered middle school. Ryu Jeong-yeol’s height is well over 190 cm. He naturally dreamed of becoming an athlete.
Coincidentally, Ryu Jeong-yeol’s basketball club teacher was friendly with Kim Dong-hwan, the Hongdae middle school coach. Recognizing Ryu Jeong-yeol, coach Kim Dong-hwan scouted him to Hongdae Bujung.
Ryu Jeong-yeol has been active in the basketball team of Hongik University Middle School since the second year of middle school. Adaptation was difficult for him, but he did not give up. He attributes his strength to defense. With a height of 210 cm and a wingspan of 219 cm, he can block opponent attacks.
In an interview, Ryu Jung-yeol said, “When it comes to Ryu, I want to hear the answer that he is a player who is good at defending and rebounding.” Realizing the importance of defense over offense, Ryu Jeong-yeol continues to improve.

How has he been lately?
The season is over. I lowered the intensity of his workout. Working with his teammates to prepare for the 2023 season. He is taking care of his body first, and he is also working hard on weight training.

How are you taking care of your body?
Coach Donghwan Kim emphasized weight training since middle school. But back then he didn’t know the importance of weight training. However, after entering high school, I felt the difference in strength while dealing with his older brothers. I was pushed out of power. However, as I continued to work hard, I feel that I have gained more strength than before. Right now, I’m mainly managing my lower body. My lower body is weak.

What are you focusing on preparing for this year?
We are preparing for defense. And I need to grab more rebounds. You have to play to save height. It was also a disappointing thing about this season.

How did you start playing basketball?
After entering middle school, my height exceeded 190 cm. He naturally turned to exercise. At the moment when I was thinking about what kind of sports to do, my basketball club teacher was acquainted with coach Kim Dong-hwan of Hongdae. Coach Donghwan Kim came to the school and scouted me. I took a test in the first year of middle school, and started playing basketball in the second year.

Can you give me the secret to being so tall?
My father is 180 cm tall and my mother is 160 cm tall. No one exercised in the house. Even so, he was very tall. I passed 2m in my 3rd year of middle school. I just ate well and slept well, but I grew up like this.

You started playing basketball late. Were there any difficulties?
I didn’t know much about basketball. Also, it was difficult to run a lot. It was difficult to adapt. But after training for about a year, I got used to it. And after I went to high school, I did a reprieve. I did a lot of weight training for a year, and while practicing with my seniors, I improved my skills bit by bit.

What is your play style?
I usually play 2v2 with guards. 카지노사이트When I get a shot opportunity, I throw it with confidence. We’re working on expanding the attack radius. I think being able to shoot from any position would be a good weapon.
However, the coach prioritizes playing under the net. I also focus on bottom-of-the-box play, but I want to equip other offensive options.

What are the pros and cons in your opinion?
He is 210 cm tall and has a wingspan of 219 cm. Being tall and having long arms is an advantage. He can make an impact on defense (if he is physically fit). When other players make 2-3 moves, I can follow with just one move.
The downside is stamina. I can run for about 30 minutes, but I think it’s not enough. I have to build up the stamina to run all 40 minutes.

How do you feel about spending 2022 years?
I went up to the finals in the last tournament, the Weekend League King of Kings. However, I was unfortunately defeated by Gyeongbok High School and finished runner-up. I thought it was a chance to win, but I didn’t play what I could in the finals. The defense was especially disappointing. I allowed my opponents to score a lot in the paint zone.
Still, it was a good season overall. I didn’t win the championship, but I’m very satisfied with the runner-up. But the people around me were very sorry.

What are your goals for 2023?
I really want to win. Together with the captains Sangchan and Taeyeon, we will definitely win the championship. My goal is to win 3 times. 

Is there a player you consider your role model?
Oh Se-geun (Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation) is my role model. Even if he struggles with foreign players, he doesn’t get pushed back. He wants to emulate a solid body and relaxed play. He also wants to learn how to use pivots and steps.

Who was the most impressive player you’ve ever faced?
Sanghyuk Seon (Seoul SK), a senior at Hongik University High School, was the most impressive. Sanghyuk hyung is tall and throws a shot. His post play is great too. He’s a player I really like.

What is basketball to Jungyeol Ryu?
He thinks it’s a ‘happy food line’. I am happy to play basketball. He feels proud every time he wins a game, and he thinks his decision to play basketball was excellent.
When I started playing basketball, I just did it for fun. But as time passed, I became convinced that my choice was right. Basketball made me dream. That’s why I think it’s a ‘happy food line’.

What are your future goals?
I will work hard on defense and rebounding. When I think of Ryu Jeong-yeol, I want people to immediately say that he is a player who is good at rebounding and defending. He wants to focus on defense, and attack carefully. In order to go to college or pro, I want to become a good player without injury.

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