The transfer fee is up to 12 billion won… Kyu-Sung Cho “Decision on transfer as soon as possible”

‘Qatar World Cup Star’ Cho Kyu-seong, who received offers from Europe and the United States, said he would make a decision as soon as possible.
Some teams are said to invest up to 12 billion won in recruiting Cho Kyu-sung. What decision will you make?
This is reporter Choi Hyung-gyu.

Cho Kyu-sung’s likely destinations are three teams: Scotland’s prestigious Celtic and his teammate Lee Jae-sung’s Mainz in Germany, and Minnesota in the United States.

Immediately after the World Cup, the transfer fee, which was 3.3 billion won, has become so fierce that an offer of up to 12 billion won has come up.

It may be confusing, but Cho Kyu-seong, who is calmly building his body in Jeonbuk, said he would ‘decide on his future as soon as possible’.

▶ Interview: Kyu-Sung Cho / Jeonbuk Hyundai striker
– “If you decide to go (to the transfer team), you have to go and prepare, so I think you have to make that decision as soon as possible.” 토토사이트

Jeonbuk, which needs to recapture the throne without becoming the top scorer last season, despite saying that they ‘respect the player’s opinion’, seems to want them to stay with them until June.

▶ Interview: Kim Sang-sik / Coach of Jeonbuk Hyundai
– “I don’t want to let go. But, it’s not just my greed, it’s also the player’s future.”

Director Ji-Sung Park, who had difficulties when transferring to the Netherlands in January 2003, also recommended a summer transfer.

▶ Standing: Hyung-gyu Choi / Reporter
– “As the European football transfer market closes on the 31st, next week at the latest, the timing and destination of Cho Kyu-sung’s transfer are expected to be revealed. This is Hyung-gyu Choi from MBN News.”

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