‘There was a European team that wanted Ronaldo’… Mourinho attempts a reunion in Rome

It was belatedly known that AS Roma coach Jose Mourinho wanted to sign Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nasr).

After parting ways with Manchester United, Ronaldo wanted to stay in Europe. However, it was reported that no European team offered to join Ronaldo. Eventually, Ronaldo gave up his European dreams and headed to Saudi Arabia.

However, there were European teams that wanted Ronaldo. That team was AS Roma of Italy’s Serie A. The head of this team is coach Jose Mourinho, who ate a bowl with Ronaldo at Real Madrid in the past.

Italy’s ‘La Repubblica’ said on the 8th (Korean time), “Before Ronaldo went to Saudi Arabia, Mourinho wanted Ronaldo to reunite with AS Roma. Mourinho took Ronaldo to AS Roma. “Mourinho wanted Ronaldo for his Serie A ambitions and for winning the UEFA Europa League.” 토토사이트

The media added, “Ronaldo and Mourinho had a good time together at Real Madrid and won La Liga together. Ronaldo and Mourinho were able to reunite dramatically at AS Roma.”

The media did not explain why Ronaldo rejected Mourinho’s offer. To speculate, the most UEFA Champions League appearances (183) and most goals (140 goals) Ronaldo’s first reason for wanting to stay in Europe was the Champions League. However, AS Roma is a Europa League team, not the Champions League. It was a team that was far from Ronaldo’s dream.

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