V-League All-Star Game, ‘M-Star of dignity’ vs. ‘Z-Star of ambition’ face-to-face

The Dodram 2022-23 V-League All-Star Game will be held on the 29th at 2:00 pm at Incheon Samsan World Gymnasium. This All-Star Game will feature an interesting match-up between ‘an M-star of dignity’ and ‘a Z-star of ambition’.

Reflecting the trend of the MZ generation, this All-Star game newly formed a team with male M-stars and Z-stars born in 1995 and female M-stars and Z-stars born in 1996.

M-Star, a collection of seasoned veterans, and Z-Star, a collection of young, spirited spirits, face each other properly.

In the men’s division, a showdown between M-Star and Z-Star, who compete for first and second place in each category this season, is expected. In addition to the sparkling competition between the two foreign players Leo and Ikbairi for the score, Leo and Subong Heo for the serve, and the new and old middle blockers Shin Young-seok and Lee Sang-hyun for the fast attack, the ’99s’ (Lim Dong-hyuk, Lim Seong-jin, Kim Ji-han) gathered as a Z-star in one team. , Park Kyung-min, Lee Sang-hyun)’s teamwork can also be seen. 카지노사이트

In the women’s division, the protagonists of the legend of the semifinals of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, such as Kim Yeon-kyung, Kim Hee-jin, Park Jung-ah, Yang Hyo-jin, Kim Su-ji, and Lee So-young, reunited as M-Stars.

Z Star also boasts a splendid lineup such as Kang So-hui, Lee Da-hyun, Choi Jeong-min, and Joo-ah Lee, who were active in the 2022 VNL. A match will be held in which seniors and juniors of the national team will show off each other’s health and growth on both sides of the court.

The way the game is run is also completely different compared to the 2021-22 All-Star Game. Unlike last year, which consisted of 1 set for women with 15 points per set, 2 sets for men and women mixed, and 3 sets for men, a total of 4 sets of 15 points per set. Sets 1 and 2 were women’s, and sets 3 and 4 were men’s. Court changes are also conducted after the 1st and 3rd sets in the same operation as in the actual game.

As for the command tower, based on the third round, the manager of the first-place team is M-star, and the manager of the second-place team is Z-star. Accordingly, in the men’s division, Korean Air coach Tommy Tillikainen will lead M-Star, and Hyundai Capital coach Choi Tae-woong will lead Z-Star. In the case of the women’s division, Hyundai Engineering & Construction coach Kang Seong-hyeong will take the baton of M-Star and Heungkuk Life Insurance Kim Dae-kyung will take the baton of Z-Star.

Like the All-Star Game, a special event is prepared for the fans.

Before the start of the All-Star Game, V-League stars will take on the role of helpers throughout the gym to greet fans.

Surprise fan service will be provided by the players, where fans who visit the stadium in familiar places such as the ticket booth and Cobo Market can have a fun experience and create special memories.

Fans who purchase the special seats, the first floor seats, are given the opportunity to pass the ball to the players during the game.

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