‘Video misread fury’ Two command towers welcome KOVO countermeasures with double arms

On the 12th, the 4th game of the season between Hyundai Capital and KB Insurance in the men’s division of the ‘ Coincidentally, the match on this day drew attention because it was a confrontation between the two teams at the center of the recent video review controversy.

First, the controversy started in the match between KB Insurance and KEPCO on the 27th of last month. At the time, KB Insurance director Hu In-jeong requested a video reading of KEPCO Park Chan-woong’s net touch, but the situation started with a no-touch reading. Even with the naked eye, it was clear that the net was shaking, but somehow the judges ruled it a no-touch. Director Hu protested vehemently, but there was no reversal.

The opposite happened on the 7th. Hyundai Capital manager Choi Tae-woong requested a video review of Korean Air’s Four Hits room, and the judges initially ruled that the room was correct. However, the decision was overturned at Korean Air’s request for rereading. In response, Director Choi referred to the case of KB Insurance and protested harshly, saying, “Didn’t I say that the video reading cannot be overturned before?” 바카라사이트

In addition, in the match between Korea Expressway Corporation and KGC Ginseng Corporation on the 6th, five scenes were even sent out during the video reading process. Accordingly, the Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) apologized for a series of incidents on the 11th, and immediately after reading the video, if the game and referees found a clear error, the guideline so that it could be corrected through a reconfirmation procedure limited to the screen(s) already provided. has decided

Both team commanders expressed their welcome. First, after an interview before the game, the coach said, “Thank you so much for making such a rule.” He then asked, “I know that the referees and supervisors are watching hard, but I hope they will take a closer look at the fact that they have been working hard for this one game for a year.”

Coach Choi also said, “KOVO publicly apologized and all teams became aware that the rules had changed.” He then emphasized, “There will be a fair judgment, and with this as an opportunity, we will be able to make clear interpretations and build more trust in each other.”

In particular, Director Choi emphasized the necessity of communication. Director Choi said, “I think there will be complaints besides the video review,” and pointed out, “I think we need wisdom to listen to each other’s thoughts and solve various things through dialogue when (controversy) arises.”

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