‘We are giving a 60% increase in weekly wages!’ Man City, surprised by Saudi Arabia’s financial power, makes an extraordinary offer to protect ‘super monster’ Haaland

You must not miss ‘The Monster’.

The desperation of Manchester City’s leadership in the English Premier League is felt. Perhaps feeling threatened by the ‘Saudi Arabian League oil money storm’ that swept through the transfer market last summer, they proposed an unprecedented weekly wage increase to Erling Holland (23), who had joined the team for only a year. He offered to give me a whopping 60% raise if I agreed to extend my contract. There are a lot of teams that want Holland, such as the Saudi Arabian League and Real Madrid, so they started to ‘lock down’ in advance.

The British media Daily Star reported on the 3rd (Korean time),안전놀이터 ‘Man City, feeling scared when a Saudi Arabian professional league club showed interest in Holland, unexpectedly offered to raise his weekly wage by 60%.’ Holland is currently Manchester City’s top striker and is recognized as the ‘best striker in the EPL’, accounting for a large portion of the team’s strength. Holland, who joined Manchester City last year, scored a total of 52 goals in all competitions in his first season. Of course, the top scorer in the EPL also belonged to Holland. Manchester City was able to achieve a treble thanks to Holland’s terrifying scoring performance.

Originally, Manchester City wasn’t too worried about Holland’s future. This is because the contract was signed until the summer of 2027. However, as the atmosphere in the European transfer market changed rapidly, Manchester City could no longer be optimistic. This is because professional teams in the Saudi Arabian League with strong financial power are aggressively shopping for top players. Holland, currently the best scoring machine in Europe, is also known to be receiving interest from Saudi Arabian professional teams.

Then Man City responded actively. Holland proposed an unprecedented weekly wage increase only if he extends his existing contract. The media reported that Manchester City signed a contract worth 600,000 pounds (about 998 million won) a week to Holland, who currently receives a weekly salary of 375,000 pounds (about 624 million won) and is treated as the best in the team along with captain Kevin De Bruyne. They said they are preparing to do so. If this happens, weekly wages will increase by as much as 60.5%.

Instead, there are prerequisites. Holland must agree to extend his contract, which runs until June 2027. Ultimately, Man City plans to preemptively increase Holland’s weekly salary to complete a long-term contract. If Holland accepts this offer, his annual salary will rise significantly from 19.5 million pounds (about 32.44 billion won) to 32.5 million pounds (about 54.066 billion won). If this happens, Holan can immediately enter the top 8 highest paid soccer players in the world. Meanwhile, Holland is leading the league in scoring, scoring as many as six goals in the first four games of the 2023-2024 season.

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