“With Ahn Hye-jin as the military leader, the players follow me well”

 GS Caltex coach Cha Sang-hyun of women’s professional volleyball is usually stingy with public praise of players. However, he is an exception to Han Su-ji (34), who is in charge of the team’s captain this season. He shows gratitude to Han Su-ji, who shows outstanding leadership on and off the court, whenever he has a chance.

In the home game against KGC Ginseng Corporation on the 9th, Suji Han’s presence shone. He contributed to GS Caltex’s 3-2 full set victory by scoring 11 points including 8 blocks.

The fact that KGC blocked Ace Elisabeth’s attacks 5 times with blocking had a significant effect on the victory. In order not to repeat the disappointment of Elizabeth in the previous game, I prepared thoroughly and succeeded in revenge.토토사이트

After the game, Han Su-ji said, “Last time in Daejeon, Elisabeth got hit twice in one set.” “While watching the video, I thought about what part was wrong, and I tried to catch the timing of the movement or rally. It was a tough game, but I won. I am happy,” he said.

Coach Cha also said, “Han Su-ji is at the top of the league in blocking and is doing well as a captain. She plays an indispensable role for the team.” He is a player and has excellent leadership.”

Han Su-ji is in the position that communication with the players is not very difficult. He explained that he is the only one in the team born in the 1980s, so although there is a significant age difference with the players who have joined recently, he is receiving great help as the main setter Ahn Hye-jin (25) serves as a bridge.

After joking, Han Su-ji said, “I think I’m too old. But it’s okay,” and then said, “These days, there’s a lot of talk about communication with the ‘MZ generation,’ but everyone follows me when I say something. As a joke, I made Ahn Hye-jin the military commander. But when Hyejin stepped in a little bit, everyone would take care of themselves,” causing laughter.

“After the opening, the atmosphere was a little subdued because of the poor performance in the early stages, but at that time, nothing worked,” he said, “but winning one game was the turning point, and the atmosphere brightened.”

GS Caltex, which has been united around Han Su-ji, is now preparing for a leap forward with the goal of a higher ranking. While closely chasing Korea Expressway Corporation in 3rd place by 1 point, I believe that we can rise to the top as the team performance is on the rise.

Han Su-ji expressed confidence in the fight for third place in the future, saying, “It was very difficult to go through 7 consecutive matches, but I am still satisfied because I have accumulated a lot of points.”

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