Women’s Basketball All-Star Game held after 3 years… MVP is Jinan, top scorer Kang I-seul

The stars, who celebrated the women’s professional basketball ‘Festival of the Stars’ all-star game in three years, enjoyed the festival to their heart’s content while interacting with fans.

The Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball All-Star Game held at Dowon Gymnasium in Incheon on the afternoon of the 8th was a head-to-head match between the ‘Pink Star’ team of Shin Ji-hyeon (Hanawon Q), who ranked first in fan voting, and the ‘Blue Star’ team, who ranked second, Lee So-hee (BNK). lost.

The two players became captains and drafted players to play with.

Coaches Wi Seong-woo (Woori Bank) and Geun-bae Lim (Samsung Life Insurance), who are the commanders of the 1st and 2nd teams in the regular season, took the helm of Pink Star and Blue Star, respectively.

The Korean Women’s Basketball League (WKBL) could not hold the All-Star Game in 2021 and 2022 due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

At the event held normally after 3 years since January 2020, the Pink Star team with Kim Dan-bi (Woori Bank) and Kim Sonia (Shinhan Bank) teamed up to win 98-92.

The Most Valuable Player (MVP) went to Jinan (BNK), who recorded 33 points and 20 rebounds between the two teams.

He received 65 out of 68 votes in the press corps vote.

As Jinan scored 10 points in the first quarter and led Blue Star’s offense, Pink Star’s Iseul Kang (KB) also made two 3-pointers, and a close match unfolded from the beginning without concession.

Kang I-seul also made two 3-pointers in the second quarter, scoring 16 points, the most among both teams in the first half.

In Blue Star, Yoo Seung-hee (Shinhan Bank), who inherited the baton from Jinan, scored 11 points in the second quarter alone and took a one-point lead at 46-45 in the first half.

In the middle of the second quarter, Lee Seung-joon, a male basketball star, took the place of Blue Star’s Bae Hye-yoon (Samsung Life Insurance), making the crowd burst into laughter.

Wearing a blue team vest, Lee Seung-jun, who strode on the court, defended his wife, Sonia Kim, without delay.

When Sonia Kim grabbed the ball from under the goal and tried to push it away, Lee Seung-jun, who had been holding on, immediately threw herself down and fell, showing a sensible side that gave her a chance to shoot.

In the middle of the third quarter, the ‘transfer challenge’, a system introduced for the first time this time, was conducted, making the game result even more unknown.

This is done by trading players one-on-one during the game, and Kang Isul and Jinan, who were playing the best in both teams, changed their uniforms.

Kang I-seul, who ‘transferred’ the team, put in two 3-point shots against the original team Pink Star, and with the start of the 4th quarter, he made 3 more 3-point shots, leading Blue Star to pursue 80-85.

Not to be outdone, Jinan also changed their uniform and did not concede the game by posting 7 points and 10 rebounds 6 minutes before the end of the game.

When the gap did not narrow from 8 points 2 minutes and 47 seconds before the end, Blue Star coach Lim Geun-bae requested an operation time and showed his will to win.

As they were chased by 2 points about a minute before the end, the Pink Star players also actively participated in offensive rebounding.

In the end, Jinan put a wedge-driving layup against teammate Kim Han-byeol (BNK), confirming Pink Star’s victory by 6 points.

Jinan posted 20 points and 7 rebounds with Blue Star and 13 points and 13 rebounds with Pink Star.

Jinan, who even received the Best Performance Award, won two gold medals along with MVP.

Iseul Kang also scored 25 points wearing a pink star uniform and 17 points as a member of blue star, achieving 42 points.

Kang I-seul, who scored as many as 12 3-point shots, became the top scorer and won the 3-point shot contest, winning two gold medals.토토사이트

The 42 points is the most points scored in a single All-Star game in history. The previous record was 39 points, set by Lauren Jackson (Samsung Life Insurance) in February 2007.

In addition, Iseul Kang broke his own record of most 3-pointers in a game in the All-Star Game. Iseul Kang has hit 10 in the All-Star Game in the 2018-2019 season.

On this day, all 1,451 tickets prepared for the Dowon Gymnasium seats, excluding seats obstructing the view, were sold, realizing the enthusiasm of the fans for the first event in three years.

At the 2015-2016 All-Star Game held at the Dangjin Gymnasium in Chungcheongnam-do in 2016, all 2,700 seats were sold out seven years after the Dongnan.

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