‘Yankees captain’ Aaron Judge ends up on injured list

 New York Yankees ‘Captain’ Aaron Judge ended up on the injured list (IL).

The New York Yankees announced on the official website on the 2nd (Korean time) that Judge, who suffered a right hip injury, went to the IL for 10 days. Since the IL registration of the jersey is applied retroactively from the 29th of last month, it is possible to compete in the game on the 9th.

Judge was injured while attempting to steal third base in the top of the second inning in an away game against the Minnesota Twins on the 27th of last month. At the time, he was head-first sliding, but the process he went into the base was not smooth. 크크크벳

At the time, Judge’s injury was considered insignificant, but the next day he was replaced during a game against the Texas Rangers. Judge, who played as the second hitter and right fielder at the time, struck out twice and only digested up to the fourth inning and withdrew.

The New York Yankees team conducted a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) diagnosis on Judge. Judge hoped it wasn’t a major injury, but he ended up heading to the IL.

Although the New York Yankees recorded a win rate of more than 50% with 15 wins and 14 losses in the Major League Baseball (MLB) this season, they were the lowest in the American League Eastern Division in terms of rankings until the 1st. They have been sluggish with 3 wins and 7 losses in 10 matches with the recent 3 losses. It is regrettable for the New York Yankees that the jersey was missing in this process.

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